CLEAN drinking Water

Pick Your Ideal Size Distiller


Distillers address every concern we have for safe drinking water. Do not settle for less.

pure or plastic in your water?

What are your options?

Why STOP buying bottled water in the superstores?

We know the plastic is a problem with the environment. We know the plastic leeches.

How many ways can you clean your water?

Distill it or filter it.

Is there a cheap solution for clean water? 

Yes there is. Clean your tap water! You have control. Use it.  

Your cost is under 25 cents per gallon. You pay $1.30 a gallon in stores.


Water Testing for Mortgages and Banks for Levy County, Florida

Jim Jones is the Director

612 East Hathaway Avenue

Bronson, FL 32621

8:30 AM-4:30 PM

352-486-5111 or 352-486-5218

When dealing with banks for mortgages you need a certified test on your well. Please contact Levy County Services to facilitate this task. Good Luck!


Take Control Now!

45 N Main St, Williston, Florida 32696, United States

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