USE your Purified Water
for Everything!


Humans basic needs begin with water, sun, air and food

*Humans need water daily

*Nature provides water

City or Well Water?

*Clean and Treat your own water

*Bottle & drink your own water

Science has determined that industry has done reprehensible harm to our water supply


Distillers and Reverse Osmosis De-Ionized water treatment systems address every concern we have for safe drinking water.

Our Systems are built for humans & animals best interest in mind

*Evaporation creates rain

*Impurities are left behind

*Rain hydrates our planet

*Our Water Distillers purify

*Your safety is in your hands

your personal GENERAL HEALTH concerns



There will be times in our lives that we do not understand what might be wrong. Sometimes the poor doctors and research scientists do not even know the cause. Dehydration & Salt may help.


In 1943, a very potent herbal and mineral decoction was developed by a man seeking to improve his athletic performance by increasing the oxygen levels of his blood. That led him to search the power of various herbs around the world.


Never before this time in the world did anyone think that the whole body worked together perfectly like a fine tuned orchestra. In fact, most scientists want to slice and dice the human body in an attempt to find problems.


We did something quite different in 2001 after learning what the food industry has done to addict us with sugar, seed and bean oils, processed carbohydrates, plant chemicals and advertising. Look at your personal health story. Think about improving  your personal health. Think about contacting us and asking questions. Please use the form below. 


This is our link to a website with information that has been reviewed by the FTC. We follow all the guidelines necessary to protect you, the consumer.

Have a look now.

we need Sufficient Hydration & salt

Dehydration is life threatening

  • Hydrate your body  with the cleanest water possible. Your brain needs water. Your body tissues, cells, microbes, organs, lymph, glands and the rest of your amazing body needs pure water.

How much pure water do humans need?

The fact is once you start hydrating your body with enough clean pure water, you know the difference. Elderly people forget to drink and end up getting hauled off to the hospital emergency room. The staff infuses the elderly person's body with a saline water solution and the person starts to become alive and better again. Get a Pure Water Distiller that makes sense for you. You have three choices.

Do you dislike water?

People want energy. They drink expensive energy drinks with crazy stimulants, unapproved drugs, caffeine, sugars and other ingredients you would never think our government would allow in water. 

Each pound of produce contains twelve ounces of nature's pure water. For most people, it is difficult to eat that much fiber. When you get used to drinking clean pure water, your body will let you know it is hydrated.

More Fiber?


Research on prehistoric eating!

What are your options?

In 1972, I met a man that sold Ogden Water Purifiers. It was a very dense charcoal unit that eliminated the taste of Chlorine in our Connecticut water. Our water tasted like a mild mix of Clorox Bleach and water. I learned what is sometimes purposely added to water such as fluoride. There is a warning on water bills that tells people that Cryptosporidium may be present. It can cause respiratory and gastrointestinal problems which are not pleasant. Now in 2018, people around the world are suffering from chemicals, drugs, bacteria, viruses and radiation in water that they think and hope is cleaned by the Water Authority.

The EPA and FDA is limited in its scope of authority and application of laws. They are terribly understaffed and underpaid.  Corporations unfortunately dump waste into our waterways. In Florida, municipalities are dumping raw sewage and stuff into the aquifer. Who should we trust? Why does this continue? Buy plastic bottled water in the superstores? Now the plastic is a problem with the environment.

How many ways can you clean your water? A few different ways. For many people, the ingredients and toppings is what makes a great drink.

How about the water? Is there an intelligent solution to the pollution that plagues our water of today? Yes there is. Clean it at your tap! You have control. Use it. 

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