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Distillers address every concern we have for safe drinking water.

Aquanui Science

*Evaporation creates rain

*Impurities are left behind

*Rain feeds our planet

Hydration & salt

Dehydration is life threatening

Hydrate your body 

How much water do you need?



Energy is not expensive energy drinks with crazy stimulants, drugs, caffeine, sugars and supplements. 

What are your options?

In 1972, I met a man that sold Ogden Water Purifiers. It was a very dense charcoal unit that eliminated the taste of Chlorine in our Connecticut water. Our water tasted like a mild mix of Clorox Bleach and water. I learned what is sometimes purposely added to water such as fluoride. There is a warning on water bills that tells people that Cryptosporidium may be present. It can cause respiratory and gastrointestinal problems which are not pleasant. Now in 2019, people around the world are suffering from chemicals, drugs, bacteria, viruses and radiation in water that they think and hope is cleaned by the Water Authority.

The EPA and FDA has limitations. 

They are understaffed. Some corporations unfortunately dump waste into our waterways. In Florida, municipalities are dumping raw sewage and stuff into the aquifer. Who should we trust? Why does this continue? 

STOP buying bottled water in the superstores?

We know the plastic is a problem with the environment.

How many ways can you clean your water?

Distill it or filter it.

Is there a cheap solution for clean water? 

Yes there is. Clean your tap water! You have control. Use it.  

Your cost is under 25 cents per gallon. You pay $1.30 a gallon in stores.

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