Plants are the life giving force of our planet Earth. They all require Water. Water cleans and hydrates everything, including the inside of our bodies and our skin. Cherish Water and Plants, for if it all goes away, all life on planet Earth will cease to exist.


Nature has given us humans and other creatures "PLANTS" to survive and thrive. Humans do not need to eat any animals or dairy to be free of disease and strong like an animal. Humans are hybrid animals. We might be able to eat like we do for a while, but payback is sometimes a deadly option when we least expect it.

Living close to 150 years is becoming more of a reality if you follow the science on centenarians. I find it interesting that most of the centenarians I read about do not always eat the most healthful food choices. But just imagine the possibility of a human body regenerating and recreating new cells for close to two centuries!

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You have found what you've been looking for your whole life.
One product with one simple solution to poor health.
Cleanse, Alkalize, Nourish and Balance Your Body with "ONE SUPPLEMENT."

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                                                             JC TONIC  
This is "JC Tonic, the Original Classic Formula."
This is "A Corrective and Digestive Herbal and Mineral Supplement" designed by Carl Jurak.
Those of us that have been drinking JC Tonic for many years constantly get remarks about how youthful we look for our age. Truthfully, we feel young and seem to have boundless stores of good energy, not caffeine, sugar and other stimulants.
Do you remember Matonol & Matol? Do you want more healthy results?
You have come to the right place.
This is the world's only, every day "Whole Body Tonic" designed between 1923 and 1943 when it finally hit the human laboratory, our bodies, to address all body systems. Since 1943, not one company has found a way to address the most basic need of our body, healthier blood. Most supplementation on the market today attempts to pinpoint the potential problem in the body. This is not possible and yet they keep on trying. Your body inherently knows what is wrong but can't always correct itself because of what we put in our mouths and sometimes the air we breathe. I encourage you to have hope. Do not despair. By all means, take action for your health's sake and live again in abundant health!

Our Disclaimer: This product statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
JC Tonic is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent disease.
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